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December 26, 2009

The Above Home Is Owned By Bob & Pam Bishop Who Built The Home Nine Years Ago With A Detached Guest Cottage Where Family Members Could Stay While Visiting.

A new town of Mt. Pleasant ordinance taking affect in mid March 2010 will allow home owners to build or utilize an accessory dwelling on their lot and to also rent it out as long as the home owner meets certain conditions.  They must provide a site plan showing that the new unit will be set back far enough from the property lines and will have its own off-street parking space. No accessory dwelling can exceed 850 square feet or 25 feet in height. Only one will be allowed per lot and the property owner must live in either the main house or the accessory. No accessory unit may house more than three people.

Neighborhoods/subdivisions may have to modify their covenants and bylaws to allow for accessory dwellings.

I'On developer Vince Graham has reportedly said that accessory dwellings would be welcome in 'On.

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